Business Reorganization and Bankruptcy

(Contact: Jim Schober)

We learned long ago that the success of a business reorganization doesn't usually depend on what happens in the courtroom. Much more often, it depends on what happens in the boardroom. Simply put, a company that waits until the last minute to seek reorganization counsel is setting itself up for failure.

If your business is struggling to meet its obligations, or if you have a business loan that is nearing maturity and you haven't been able to secure replacement financing, please contact our office immediately. We have the courtroom and boardroom experience that is required in order to help your business reorganize its debt, in or out of chapter 11 . . . but your odds of success increase exponentially if we can be involved in the early stages.


  • Pre-bankruptcy planning
  • Forbearance agreements and loan workouts
  • Filing for chapter 11 protection
  • Stabilizing the business
  • Reduction of secured debt
  • Financing through chapter 11
  • Preparing an exit strategy
  • Plan confirmation and emergence from bankruptcy